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About our Meat & Delicatessen

The quality of Portuguese meat (either fresh or frozen) and meat products is unquestionable.

The Portuguese art of preparation and preserving meat and meat products is secular. Portuguese Traditional Charcuterie is very rich in its salting and smoking technics and artisan processes that were processed by families, at their home.

Nowadays, those processes evolved and the production of Portuguese Traditional Charcuterie is made in modern and certified industries granting excellent standards of quality and innovation.

Alongside this evolution, you can easily find in Portuguese meat and meat products innovative products that respond to health demands with low salt and low fat claims to more demanding diets.

Unprocessed Meat (Fresh Meat)
Portuguese fresh meat distinguished by the unmistakable flavor and fine texture of intramuscular fat that makes marbled, tender and juicy.
Fresh, smoked or canned, the portuguese sausages are made with fresh meat (leg and pork belly) minced and seasoned with salt, paprika, bay leaves and garlic. Your healing is done through the smoke of wood, which gives it a traditional taste.
The tradition of the best Portuguese charcuterie. Portuguese Mortadella is made from a rigorous selection of delicious meats.
Ham (Cooked and Uncooked)
Our prosciutto is the result of a long period of healing in a natural process that gives it a distinctive taste and texture of any other.

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