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Food markets are gradually demanding more and more innovation from Food & Beverage products, in which the incorporation of technology is consistingly valued and highly appreciated by the consumers.

For most companies, the cooperation of Universities and R&D institutions with industry is a viable and credible way to achieve these objectives.

HUB Tech promotes the internationalisation of the Portuguese R&D capabilities and case studies of new products that result from such cooperation. Additionally, HUB Tech also aims to present products with Portuguese technology to external markets.

If you want to innovate, HUB Tech is the platform to do it!


Application of emerging technologies – ohmic treatment and high pressure processing – to support the creation of new products, with premium quality and extended shelf life. Examples of processed food products: cooked ham, cooked rice, strawberry smoothie, boiled eggs, ready meal (with cod fish), pizza sauce, strawberry jam and passion-fruit jam.


Thin slices of crispy and tasty Portuguese fruit. The Fruut Snacks are 100% natural, made from slices of fruit, without any addiction of sugar, preserva-tives and dyes. A healthy, tasty and fun snack that you can eat anytime and anywhere. Just crispy fruit!

Non-alcoholic Beer 0,0%

Non-alcoholic beer production, by using dealcoholizing technology and aroma recovery from beer by pre-evaporation process (membranes).

Healthy candied fruits and jams

Production of healthier candied fruit without sucrose by using sucrose substituent agents. This process was performed through the adaptation of the traditional candying process by changing the osmotic agent used.

Infusion Premium

Face Reader is a new technology to measure and identify six different emo-tional responses to food: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust and fear. This technology allows the determination of sensory and emotional profiles of premium herbal teas, providing also support in the study of the appreciation of the product.


Bioham is a 100% vegetable food product. It consists of a mix of vegetables, from organic farming origin, without the addition of colouring additives and preservatives, subjected to several unit operations in order to acquire a final texture that is characteristic and similar to a pork ham.


Application of antimicrobial natural agents in traditional cured and smoked products: “Alheira”, “Salpicão” and “Paio”. Developed products evolved the appli-cation of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) and their bacteriocins for biocontrol purposes.


Primor_Ap (Gama Natura) concerns healthier ready-to-eat sliced meat products, with low salt and antimicrobial reduction with extended shelf life, obtained by post-packaging by using High Pressure Processing.


New functional foods - smoothies, yogurt, whey cheese, coated cashew nuts and cereal bars with biological properties by incorporation of peptides extracts from food industry by-products (whey and brewer yeast).

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